Illinois Workers Compensation Attorneys

Have you or a loved one suffered an injury on the job  due to unsafe working conditions? Or perhaps a repetitive stress injury?

If you’ve experienced an injury or pain because of workplace conditions or the nature of your job duties, the Law Offices of Dworkin and Maciariello can help. We’ll inform you of your rights and responsibilities as an injured worker according to the Illinois state law, and will help you put together your case for workers compensation/work injury.

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Illinois Workers Compensation Attorneys

Under Illinois state law, almost any worker who suffers an injury on the job is entitled to compensation for damages — including money for time missed from work as well as compensation for medical bills arising from the workplace injury.

Attorney Bradley S. Dworkin is an expert on workers compensation issues and has authored newspaper articles, appeared on television and spoken at union hall meetings throughout the state of Illinois. He has dedicated his legal career to achieving fair, equitable settlements for injured workers in the greater Chicago area.

If it’s not possible to settle the client’s work injury claim and it is necessary to go before the Industrial Commission of Illinois — which oversees workers compensation claims — Mr. Dworkin will represent the worker in a hearing before that agency.

Work Injury Attorneys in Chicago

Over the past several years, the Law Offices of Dworkin and Maciariello has gained needed compensation for injured workers in the greater Chicago area. Our law office staff consists of experienced trial attorneys and legal support staff who have spent years becoming experts at representing Illinois workers who were injured on the job — from minor injuries to catastrophic injuries and fatal workplace accidents.

Although our impressive track record isn’t an indication of future results, it’s worth noting our successful representation of over 10,000 workers in the Chicago area in workers compensation and work injury cases and have secured millions of dollars in settlements.

Licensed Illinois Workers Compensation Lawyers

With our decades of experience, all of the workers comp attorneys in the Law Firm of Dworkin and Maciariello are ready to help with even the most complicated worker injury case. Though we concentrate on worker injury claims in the Chicago area, we are fully licensed to represent clients throughout Illinois.

We treat all our clients with respect and sensitivity, and keep your claim in total confidence

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